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Revel and Ravel


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Embrace eco-elegance with redesigned apparel

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A Cooperative Marketplace

Revel + Ravel is an online marketplace where style meets sustainability.
Browse our collections from designers across the country!

Our Mission

At Revel + Ravel, we celebrate the artistic expression of redesigned apparel! We believe in fostering a vibrant culture of sustainability-minded fashion enthusiasts in order to offer the world an alternative to fast fashion. Our goal is to connect emerging designers and talented artisans with conscious consumers who all share a passion for eco-couture.

Our Commitment

Our designers are creatives committed to making a positive impact on the world, choosing to breathe new life into second-hand textiles and transform them into bespoke pieces of wearable art.

Our buyers appreciate artistry and creativity over trends and choose to support independent artisans and emerging designers over corporations.

Our Focus

What unites us all is our mission to support sustainability by celebrating the creativity of redesigned apparel.

Rethinking fashion

Make a personal, sustainable statement with redesigned apparel



Audacious and fun

Revel and Ravel invites you to explore the creativity of slow fashion, curated collections and your own unique style.